Chief Editor: Prof. Srinibas Pathi

Editor: Prof. J. Doungel


Preliminary Pages


Social Welfare Administration in India: Historical Understanding of Tribal Development Prospects in North-East India

Jayanta Krishna Sarmah


Issue of Bangladeshi Immigrants and the Importance of NRC in Assam

Dipendra Kumar Khanal


Political Movements of the Hmars in Mizoram: A Historical Study

Vanlalliena Pulamte


Urban Governance in Aizawl: Challenges before Urban Local Bodies towards Development

H. C. Lalchhuanawma & David V. Khiangte


Representation of Caste Identities in Digital Banners of Tamil Nadu

M. Suresh


Impact of Irrigation and Rainfall on Wet Rice Cultivation in Mizoram

J. V. Nunchunga


Higher Education and Globalisation in Indian Society: Implications for the Weaker Sections

Nithya Kalmekolan


Evaluation of Financial Performance of Select Indian Maharatna and Navaratna Public Sector Undertakings

Bhaskar Biswas


Cognitive Profiles of Children from English Medium Preschools and Anganwadis: A Comparative Study

Lalhlimpuii & Lalhmasai Chuaungo


Knowledge and Perceptions about NRHM Scheme among the Panchayat Members: A Case of Karnataka

D. C. Nanjunda


Human Sacrifice among the Khonds of Orissa C.1836-1861: A Study

Lalrameng K Gangte


Understanding the Teacher Needs Hierarchy: Significant Role of Job Satisfaction on Academic Empowerment in Manipur

Partakson Romun Chiru


Parental Acceptance-Rejection in relation to Achievement Motivation

Juliet Lalremmawii Ralte & H. K. Laldinpuii Fente


Shiva, the Colonial Agent: In the Light of Amish’s The Secret of The Nagas

Uttam Boruah


Tourist Development Dilemmas in Mizoram: A Case of ILR

K. V. Reddy


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Chief Editor: Prof. Srinibas Pathi

Editor: Dr. Hmingthanzuali


Preliminary Pages


Writing the History of Women in the Margins: The Courtesans in India

Rekha Pande


Publications of CALIBER Convention 2009: Bibliometric Study

Oliver Lalthlengliana & Akhandanand Shukla


Understanding Childhood through Critical Perspectives

Rabindra Kumar Mohanty


Discretionary Powers of the Governor with Special Reference to the Sixth Schedule Area of Mizoram: A Study During The Tenure of Mr. A.R. Kohli

Jangkhongam Doungel


Leadership and Good Governance

Janet Vanlalhlimpuii


Generating Knowledge on Lushai Hills: The Works of T. H. Lewin

H. Vanlalhruaia & Ramdinsangi


Cultural Factors of Christianizing the erstwhile Lushai Hills (1890-1940)

Zadingluaia Chinzah


Comparative analysis on Peace Accords in North East: Special reference to the Naga and the Mizo

Joseph K. Lalfakzuala


Administration of Justice in the Zou Society



Impact of Memory and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Efforts in Mizoram

Rohmingmawii Pachuau


Techno-promotional Dimensions of Mizo Blogs

Lalremruati Khiangte


Journalistic Practices and the Everyday Production of News in Aizawl



The Lost Identity: A Study of the Zo People

C. Lalhmingliana


Narratives on Chyna Poh: A Traditional Dress

K. Robin


Water Scarcity and Water Governance in India: A Study

Chayanika Borah


'Teesari Taali' and Third Gender Society

Aradhana Shukla & Sanjay Kumar


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Chief Editor: Prof. Margaret Ch. Zama

Editor: Prof. J. Doungel


Preliminary Pages


Conceptualizing Traditions and Traditional Institutions in Northeast India

T. T. Haokip


Electoral Reform: A Lesson from Mizoram People Forum (MPF)

Joseph C. Lalremruata


Union-State Political Interfaces in Telangana: Fluid Consistencies

K. V. Reddy


Mizoram: Post-Accord Issues and Challenges



Components of Peacebuilding: Conflict Resolution through Political, Social and Economic Development with Reference to Northeast India

Lalnundika Hnamte


A Study of Mizoram in Human Rights Perspectives

C. Lalhmanmawia


India-ASEAN Relations in Retrospect



Situating Mizo Ethnicity through Difference

Albert Vanlalruata


Sieving the Past through Womanist Eyes: A Study of Select Writings by Alice Walker

Cherrie Lalnunziri Chhangte


Female Sexual Politics in Tattooed with Taboos

Ph. Jayalaxmi


An Analytical Study on the Relationship between Education and Economic Growth in Northeast India

J. V. Nunchunga


Customer Perceptions of Public Distribution System in Chhattisgarh and Mizoram

Lalropuii & N. V. R. Jyoti Kumar


India - A Unity in Variety: Exploring Nation Building and Nationalism

Srinibas Pathi


Good Governance Challenges in India

David V. Khiangte


Reporting for Human Rights : Issues & Challenges

Irene Lalruatkimi


Choice Based Credit System: An Opinion Survey of Students of Mizoram University

F. Lalrinzuali & R. P. Vadhera


Problems Faced by Students of Vocational Stream in Higher Secondary Schools in Mizoram

J. Lalhriatpuii & Lalhmasai Chuaungo


Translation Section


Sampling an Old Mizo Play Song and Lullaby in Translation

Translated from Mizo by Kristina Z. Zama



Translated from Mizo by K. C. Lalthlamuani


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Chief Editor: Prof. Margaret Ch. Zama

Editor: Prof. Sanjay Kumar


Preliminary Pages


Online Marketing: The Powerful Astra in the Strategic Armory of Marketers

K. Rama Mohana Rao & Chandra Sekhar Patro


Exploring the Influence of Religiosity on Apparel Shopping Behaviour among the Mizo

Lalnunmawii Ralte & Laldinliana


Comparative Performance of Infrastructure Fund Schemes of Public and Private Sector Banks in India

Bhaskar Biswas


Socio Economic Background of Mutual Funds Investors and its Relationship with Buying Factors and Attitudes

K. Mallikarjuna Rao


Livelihood Promotion through Joint Forest Management: A Case Study of Aizawl Forest Division, Mizoram

S. Vanlalpekropuia & A. Muthulakshmi


Performance of Political Parties in Village Council Election 2015 in Mizoram: A Gender Perspective



Role of the Chief in Administration of Traditional Village System: A Study of Thangkhal Village in Manipur

S. Haukhanlian Mate


India’s Connectivity with Bangladesh with reference to Tripura: Prospects and Challenges

Sanjoy Roy


The South China Sea Dispute: Understanding the On-Going Maritime Rivalry and its Implications for India

Henry Malsawmtluanga


Collective Consciousness and Female Seafarers’ Stress Who have passed through the Port City of Durban

Mariam Seedat Khan, Gunasekharan Dharmaraja & Belinda Johnson


Same Sex Relationship in India: The Constitutionality, Legality and Morality Debates

Partha Pratim Paul


The Predicament of Girl Child in India: The State of the Art Literature on Issues and Concerns

R. K. Mohanty


Tobacco, Gender Roles, and Cancer in the Mizo Society: How Gender Determines Cancer Prevalence through Gendered View of Tobacco

C. Vanlalngilneii & M. Thamilarasan


A Descriptive Study of Blogging by the Mizo

Lalremruati Khiangte & R. N. Mishra


Framing Muslims as Illegal Migrants in Assam: Media Hype or Social Reality?

Anbarasan Perumal & Tenepalli Hari


Policy Initiatives and Media Interventions in Preservation of Endangered Languages of North-East India

Uttam Kumar Pegu


Hindi Education in Mizoram: A Status Study

Irene Lalhmachhuani & Lalhmasai Chuaungo




Concept of ‘Tradition’ and ‘Impersonality’ of T. S. Elliot

Bandana Bharati




The Life of the Lower Middle Class in the Novel ‘Naukar Kee Kameez’

Aradhana Shukla & Sanjay Kumar


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