Chief Editor: Prof. Srinibas Pathi

Editor: Dr. V. Ratnamala


Preliminary Pages

Lead Articles

Racial Tropes and Colonial Scopes: The Eye of the Empire

Rozena Maart


Engaging with the Gandhian Ideas of Non-Violence and Satyagraha

Srinibas Pathi


Humanities Section

Politics of Inequality: Dynamics of Subalternity in Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies

Khan Sheehan Sahib


Re-interpreting Myths and Re-configuring Resistance: A Critical Study of Meena Kandasamy’s Ms Militancy

Gunja Patni


‘Corona-logy’: A Re-Configuration of Racial Dynamics in Contemporary India

Sayan Dey


Legendary Woman Sita and Indian Sensibility: Reading Mridula Sinha’s Sita Puni Boli

Akhilesh Kumar Sharma


Social Sciences Section

Attitude of College Students of Mizoram towards the Environment

P. C. Lalremruati & Lynda Zohmingliani


Loss of Life Chances of Migrant Labourers in India in the Face of Corona Virus Pandemic

Nutan Marian Tigga


Contemporary Socio-Economy of Kukis in the Surrounding Hills of Manipur

Sheikhohao Kipgen & Thangsuanhang


Dance and Society in Mizoram

Lalhminghlui & K. Robin


India’s Maritime Relations with Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean

Lalmuana Guite


India in the South China Sea: Role and Implications

C. Lalremsiami & J. K. Patnaik


India’s ‘Act East Policy’ Towards Japan

Lalhming Sangi


Globalization and Connectivity in Mizoram

T. Lianhmingsanga


Tourism and Socio-Political Issues of North East India: Resources, Hindrances, Funding



Online Payment during Pre- and Post COVID-19 Scenarios: A Case Study of Electricity Bill Payment in Mizoram

Ningthoujam Irina Devi


Impact of Paternal Alcoholism on Achievement Motivation and Self-Efficacy of Adolescents

C. Lalnunpuii & Zoengpari


Socio-Economic Status and Tobacco Consumption by Undergraduate Students: A Comparison between Active, Past and Non-Tobacco Consumers in Select Colleges of Mizoram

Shamim Akthar & Laldinliana


Appearances of Gender Inequality and Its Impact on Health Service Use among Female Injecting Drug Users: A Study in Champai, Mizoram

Gautam Kumar Ghosh


Intimate Partner Violence against Women: Perception and Experiences of Women in Aizawl

Catherine Lianhmingthangi & Grace Lalhlupuii Sailo


Issues and Challenges of Female Domestic Workers: An Analysis

C. Lalrempuii & H. Elizabeth


Social Media in Employment Relations: Issues for Labour Policies on Cyber Behaviour

Olukunle S. Oludeyi


Position of Women in Kannada Television Channels: An Evaluation

Shakuntala Soratur


Importance of Use of Reference Management Tool among Academicians

Nilakshi Sharma & S. N. Singh


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