Chief Editor: Prof. Bhartendu Singh

Editor: Prof. Lynda Zohmingliani


Preliminary Pages




Stress Management during the COVID-19 Pandemic

S. M. Sungoh


Quality Imperatives and Higher Education

Srinibas Pathi


Need for Revamping of Schools in the Light of National Education Policy in Tripura

Sanjoy Roy


Funding Pattern of Autonomous District Council (ADC) in Mizoram

Lalbiakzami Ralte, T. Lianhmingsanga & Jangkhongam Doungel


Fiscal Transfers and Socio-economic Development in Mara Autonomous District Council, Mizoram



Finance-Growth Nexus: A Regional Evidence

Masroor Ahmad


Financial Performance of Food and Grocery Shops in Aizawl, Mizoram

Priskil Lalremruati & Lalneihtluangi Fanai


Trauma of Exile: Diasporic Sensibility in Mitra Phukan’s The Collector’s Wife

Ali Ahmed & Sivasish Biswas


Preliterate Vaiphei Rites, Rituals and Superstitions: Communication of Cultural Nuances through Oral Narratives

Nunchawii Hatlei & Mousumi Guha Banerjee


An Experimental Study on Influence of Music Training on Students’ Music Achievement

Reuben Lalchuangkima, Estherine Lalrinmawii & H. Malsawmi


Traditional Marriage System of the Maras

K. Lalrinchhana, K. Robin & K. Zohra


The Church, Christianity and Post-Colonial Critique: Christianity and Advent of Modernity in Mizoram through Visual Art



“Nationalizing” a Frontier Space-Frontier Agency to Arunachal Pradesh

Nani Bath & Rinki Babin


Monitoring of Social Media Use by Middle School Students in Aizawl

Gospel Lalawmpuii & Lalremruati Khiangte


Perspectives of Parents and Students on Online Teaching-Learning Process of Schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nitu Kaur & Ram Pal Vadhera


Impact Assessment of e-District State Rollout Project in Mizoram

Lalropuii & Lalngaihawma


Environmental Awareness among College Students of Mizoram

Lalhmangaihzuali & Lynda Zohmingliani


A Study of Locus of Control and Resilience among Female Commercial Sex Workers in Aizawl

Lalhriatpuii & Zokaitluangi


Globalization and India’s Act East Policy: A North-East Perspective

Ayangbam Shyamkishor


Knowledge and Beliefs of University Students with Reference to COVID-19: An Exploratory Study

Pooja Walia


Natural Disasters and COVID-19: The Death of Travel Agencies?

Michael C. Cant & Johannes A. Wiid


Challenges of COVID-19 on Labour Administration in Nigeria

Sola Fajana & Ayodeji  Ilesanmi


Book Review - What After Modi Sarkar?

Khwairakpam Goutam Singh & J. K. Patnaik


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