Chief Editor: Prof. Srinibas Pathi

Editor: Prof. Sanjay Kumar


Preliminary Pages

Lead Article

Does India Really Need Electoral Reforms

Srinibas Pathi


Humanities Section

‘Bitiya Chhathi Mai Ke’: Voice of Women Identity

Sanjay Kumar


Social Sciences Section

Problems of Higher Education in Tripura

Sanjoy Roy


Shifting Cultivation and Environment: A Study of Subsistence to Profit in Mizoram

Alexander Lalliantluanga Pachuau & Oinam Hemlata Devi


Land Culture of the Tribes: A Scientific Approach to Identification of Tribes in Northeast India

R. Zonunsanga


A Case Study on the Use of Social Media by a Health Professional in Aizawl

Lalremruati Khiangte & William Lalramhmachhuana


Bond of Unity amidst Diversity in Mizoram



A Study of Biodiversity in the Light of Place Names of Nagaon District

Himangsu Sarmah


A Study of Youth Dormitories in Northeast India



Evolution of Party System in India

L. H. Chhuanawma


The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 and Fundamental Rights: A Discourse

Joseph C. Lalremruata


Issues of Governor and Article 356 in Mizoram



Mizoram Planning Board: Composition, Functions and Challenges

Ramthanpuia Pachuau


Health Consciousness and Fast Foods: A Study among College Students in Lunglei Town, Mizoram

R. Lalnunthara & NVR Jyoti Kumar


What Ails Zokhawthar – Rih Border Trade

Lily Sangpui, Kanagaraj Easwaran & Zawlringum Pulamte


Psychosocial Issues of Adolescents Living with Single Parent Families

John Lalmuanawma & H. Elizabeth


Stress and Coping Strategies of Youth: A Study at Venglai Community, Lunglei, Mizoram

C. Lalengzama & Gracy Lalrinfeli Fanai


Lived Experiences of Children with Disabilities: Some Case Studies from Aizawl, Mizoram

C. Lalmuanpuii & Henry Zodinliana Pachuau


Collectivistic Culture Orientation across Age and Gender in a Mizo Society

Grace Lalkhawngaihi & H. K. Laldinpuii Fente


Political History of Lushai Hills since the Pre-Colonial Era

R. Vanlalhmangaihsanga


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