Chief Editor: Prof. Srinibas Pathi

Editor: Dr. Hmingthanzuali


Preliminary Pages


Writing the History of Women in the Margins: The Courtesans in India

Rekha Pande


Publications of CALIBER Convention 2009: Bibliometric Study

Oliver Lalthlengliana & Akhandanand Shukla


Understanding Childhood through Critical Perspectives

Rabindra Kumar Mohanty


Discretionary Powers of the Governor with Special Reference to the Sixth Schedule Area of Mizoram: A Study During The Tenure of Mr. A.R. Kohli

Jangkhongam Doungel


Leadership and Good Governance

Janet Vanlalhlimpuii


Generating Knowledge on Lushai Hills: The Works of T. H. Lewin

H. Vanlalhruaia & Ramdinsangi


Cultural Factors of Christianizing the erstwhile Lushai Hills (1890-1940)

Zadingluaia Chinzah


Comparative analysis on Peace Accords in North East: Special reference to the Naga and the Mizo

Joseph K. Lalfakzuala


Administration of Justice in the Zou Society



Impact of Memory and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Efforts in Mizoram

Rohmingmawii Pachuau


Techno-promotional Dimensions of Mizo Blogs

Lalremruati Khiangte


Journalistic Practices and the Everyday Production of News in Aizawl



The Lost Identity: A Study of the Zo People

C. Lalhmingliana


Narratives on Chyna Poh: A Traditional Dress

K. Robin


Water Scarcity and Water Governance in India: A Study

Chayanika Borah


'Teesari Taali' and Third Gender Society

Aradhana Shukla & Sanjay Kumar


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